Duck Tales Remastered – My Childhood Thanks You

Update : Via Game Informer, all the original voice cast including 94 year-old Alan Young providing the brogue of Scrooge McDuck. Excellent!

Blah blah blah… forget it queue the trailer and theme music…

Playing Ducks Tales is by far one of my top NES gaming memories. I was the right age for the show and the right age to accept cheap game tie-ins without question. The thing is, Duck Tales was different. It featured all the characters from the show in some capacity as well as some clever level design elements; there were secrets to be found. The 8 bit chiptune style of the main theme was good, but the rest of the game’s music, even the stage select tune is permanently ingrained in my brain, having played this game so much.

This track from the Amazon stage has been stuck in the recesses of my brain for decades, and upong hearing this announcement today, is the first tune (aside from the obvious theme song) that popped in my head. Here it is :

This is most likely a day one purchase for me. My god the nostalgia alone is too much compulsion to restist. Duck Tales Woooo oooooooooooooh!!



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