Poor Decision from Sony on PS3 Pricing

Sony Not Dropping Price Of Older PS3s

I think Sony is making a big mistake here. Generally, when you release a “slimmed” down version of your console the previous models go down in price. Ahead of the Holiday season and prior to the launch of a new console from a competitor, I don’t see how anyone can see this move from Sony as anything other than a mistake. I’ve heard much the same from other people.

I am in an interesting predicament here. My fat 80GB B/C PS3 has died. Now I have enough Amazon Rewards Points to make a ps3 purchase outright. I have waited several months for the anticipated drop. There are certain games I have high interested in: The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls, from the Uncharted and Heavy Rain developers respectively. I will play these games one way or the other. But the slap in the face, in the form of no price drop has me eying something else in the coming months, chiefly the Wii U at the same price point of around $250.  Honestly if it wasn’t for this unconfirmed rift between Nintendo and Amazon I would already have my pre-order in, eschewing the purchase of another PS3.

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