Hearthfire Sticks with Crappy Xbox 360 Exclusive Rule

Heathfire Sticks with Crappy Xbox 30 Exclusive Rule

New Skyrim ‘Hearthfire’ DLC Announced, Debut Trailer Released

Article on Hearthfire above. This whole exclusivity thing is out of control. Exclusive DLC and timed DLC are not a good thing. Forcing buyers to go to retailers they don’t want too

Skyrim - Hearthfire Screenshot
Screenshot from Polygon Article.

i.e. I will never buy a game from Walmart and it would have to be a pretty special discount to get me to go to Gamestop (so no worry about having to go there).  The timed DLC is perhaps the worst. Wanting more content may be something that people are willing to buy multiple versions of the game, but to penalized because one company paid a bunch extra to keep it away from you is just infuriating to gamers. Nevermind the fact that Microsoft screws over PC gamers who overwhelming rely on their product (Windows) to run games. This timed exclusivity stuff needs to stop. Of course in this case it doesn’t even really seem like it will be worth it, but that’s beside the point.

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