La Noire Trailer 2010 – Team Bondi & Rockstar

Let’s just cut to the chase before discussion. The L.A. Noire 2010 Trailer from Team Bondi is out now. Here it is via

The trailer is looking really good. The facial animations have great subtlety to them and the textures and models have received what appears to be a significant upgrades, as would be expected, from the original 2006 trailer. Speaking of which here is said L.A. Noire 2006 trailer for referenced.

What I will say is that moody lighting and the soft brassy noir-ish music of the original trailer sets a very enticing atmosphere. It evokes many of the things I love most about the period. The new trailer feels more action-oriented and pulp-style. Of course they are both representative of specific portions of the game (at the time) and the new trailer is a glimpse of an overall product, while the original trailer is a specific scene. There is much more to be had than what can be seen in a mere trailer. I trust Team Bondi, been looking forward to this game for awhile at it’s looking great. Shout out to Luc, looking good man!

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