Max Payne HD 2K – Part 1 – The American Dream – Intro [1440p 60fps]

Capturing some Max Payne footage for a written piece I’m working on regarding games with Winter/Christmas settings, and thought I would see how good old Max Payne looks in 2K (1440p), 60fps, maxed with added enhancements through the Nvidia control panel.

Any interest in a playthrough (maybe even adding commentary).
If not it stops with this video, certainly much better than my old recordings of the game.

Max Settings in Game, 2K Resolution DSR with 33% Smoothing.
Other control panel settings, 16x Anisotropic, FXAA, Gamma, Enhance App settings, 32x CSAA, 8x Supersample, HQ, Trilinear and threaded.



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