I am doing a vulture model for Chris Lawrence of lawrence3d.com fame. As you can tell, this is being done in Maya, my 3d Modeling software of choice. This will probably end up on his final demo reel, if deemed worthy. The poly count is ridiculous, because the feathers are individual planes, duplicated many times, and smooth for allowance of much bending and such for rigging and animation. Hopefully I can do a little zbrush/mudbox on the guy and then he will get textured.

I am working on finding something short-term/temporary and not having a lot of luck. I need to be able to stay around here for a little bit and get my home sold, and take care of some other business before I can go anywhere far away. Once that stuff is done though, I am open to going anywhere at this point in my life.  I am also open to learning new software from 3D modeling and beyond.

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