Finished my first 10k walk/run. I signed up for the walk, and it was more of a fast walking-sometimes jogging sort of thing. Final time was about 1 hour 28 flat, minus 3-4 for getting up to the start line, and I did a little better than I wanted to. I set myself a very modest 15 minute mile pace, and it worked out nicely. The scenery really helped pass the time, and personal motivation kept me very focused. I had planned on running the last mile, but I was woefully unprepared in the footwear department. My many year old Nikes are worn pretty thin, particularly on the right foot, and I could feel the blisters growing. It felt pretty bad when I attempted to run, so I just jogged/walked the last bit. I am pretty happy with the outcome, it was the beginning to my training for a full-on running 5k, which I hope to accomplish by New Years. I think it can be done, the pace for the walk/jog was already in a range that I would be comfortable with.

Considering I hate running unless its up and down a basketball or tennis court, I am encouraged to keep running.


Late 2009 was running consistently every morning until a leg injury side-lined me for a few months.  Now I am at 24 hour fitness and using the eliptical for cardio, and I do indeed run up and down the basketball court.  Now that the weather is getting better maybe some tennis?

Work/project info and maybe some run pics hopefully coming soon…