Murdered Soul Suspect – Part 1 – No Backup Intro

Our story open in Salem, Massachusetts. Ex-criminal turned detective, Ronan O’Connor is falling backwards through a window, looking up at his assailant, a masked murdered known as the Bell Killer.

Ronan had a difficult childhood and grew up on the wrong side of the law. Things changed when he met Julia, the woman who became his wife over the protests of her brother Rex. Rex helped reform Ronan getting him on the police force, where Rex is an Lt.

Ronan, always head-strong and bit of a lone-wolf gets a call on the Bell Killer and heads in with no backup… arriving at the present, falling through the window. Ronan has no idea at first just how much damage was done from the fall. The Bell Killer makes his way downstairs…

Murdered Soul Suspect is being played a maxed graphical settings. This video was recorded in lossless quality and converted to H264 for 320kbps audio and 15Mbps video before being uploaded to youtube.

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