Omerta City of Gangsters – First 25 1080p

Omerta City of Gangsters is a strategy game with a similar feel to an X-Com type game in it’s functionality. This game however, as the title might imply, takes place during the Prohibition era. It’s Boardwalk Empire meets X-Com. Note that’s X-Com not XCOM as Omerta borrows more from the original title though has cover reminiscent of the new entry.

This first 25 minutes covers most of the basic. A look at the limited graphics options, basic character setup, an early look at missions, and brief look at how managing the city works. The game does open up quite a bit more, with more business types both “clean” and “dirty” to establish as well as more interaction, with local politicians, celebrities and law enforcement.

There’s quite a bit of text here, so this recording is in full 1080p.

Omerta City of Gangsters – First 25 1080p


Author: James Schumacher

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