I have backed eight Kickstarter project with seven successful fundings. My game
purchase habits range from retro to brand-new and from AAA to indie. I studied game art and design in college and have a fair number of friends and acquaintances working in the industry mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Today I am happy to recommend a project from someone locally that has made the indie jump. Fiz is a brewery management game made in a retro-graphic style. At it’s base funding goal it will be an iOS and Android game developed on the popular Unity platform with PC/Mac versions listed as stretch goals. Check out their Kickstarter Video:

This game seems to fit a perfect niche that, while not unique to the Pacific Northwest, certainly fits in well with the culture:  that of the home-brewer and beer connoisseur who has an interest in gaming and/or technology. For those that don’t know, Portland has more breweries within the city limits than any other city in the world. Here we throw around terms like Beer City USA, Beertown and Beervana. It and it’s suburbs are also home to various tech companies, including a major film and animation studio and several game studios.  Fiz creators Bit by Bit Studio come from the south of Portland in Eugene, home of the University of Oregon, and several breweries of its own, as well as a few game studios of various sizes.

At the time of writing Fiz is already over half-funded towards it’s initial goal. If you enjoy any combination of beer, gaming, sims, indie games and/or retro-style graphics checkout Fiz’s Kickstarter page for more information on the game and their goals.

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