Outlast Walkthrough – Part 5 – Fire & Rain

Outlast was developed by Red Barrels.

We have successfully escaped from “Dr.” Traeger, and though we cannot say we are unharmed from the encounter, things could have gone much worse. The priest wants to meet us outside.

Our path lies through the kitchen, but a distraught, fully self-aware patient has set fire to the place. The way to enable the sprinklers involves a counter with a rather large, old friend. After the fire is out we must go outside in the darkness and rain, our large friend in tow, as we struggle towards a different part of the compound and a meeting with “Father” Martin.

This is an Outlast walkthrough played by viewer request live on Twitch. http://ift.tt/1eEWXYC

Monetization allowed per developer Red Barrels policy found here: http://ift.tt/1hDypQh http://ift.tt/QN6Qsf


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