The Getaway – Mission 1 – The Frighteners – PS2 Enhanced

Our story opens with a gang of crooks casing a row of flats. A woman, the more experienced and veteran “wet” worker walks the perimeter. A lady and her son exit the flats and the crooks confront them. The child is napped and the woman shot as the snatch job is semi-botched,

We are Mark Hammond, the dying woman is our wife, Susie and our son Alex has been taken. We give pursuit by car and tail the crew back to their hideout. A gunfight ensues and we find just why all of this is happening.

The Getaway was played via PS2 through component cables, sent to the Avermedia Extremecap U3. Though the game supports 16:9 it renders at 480i not 480p, resulting in some pillarboxing at 720×480. The video was cropped to 640×480, then increased to 960×720 with cleanup via an unsharp mask to increase image quality.. Final render 12Mbps variable with 256kbps stereo audio.


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