Piles of Shame for Game Industry Insiders

Piles of Shame for Game Industry Insiders

Game industry pros confess their piles of shame!

Everyone has a pile of shame. Games that you have on a list somewhere that you’ve always meant to pick up, but never have are one thing. The pile of shame is something much more sinister. These are games you were given or, even worse, you purchased with your hard-earned cashed and have never finished. Taking it one step further in the shamiest of shamings are the games that you bought and still haven’t taken out of the plastic yet (this goes for movies too). There are sites like http://www.backloggery.com that help you track your games and what you have and haven’t completed. Easily displaying your shame in neat charts to remind yourself and others that you are a bad gamer! The above link goes through some piles of shame from game industry vets, both on the development and reporting sides.  How about you guys? Do you have a pile of shame? Is there a game out there that everyone has played but you never have? A game you bought and liked but for whatever reason never finished?

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