Resident Evil HD REMASTER PC Chris Walkthrough – Part 4 – Play It Again

Resident Evil HD REMASTER Chris Walkthrough – Part 3 – Supplies! continues my playthrough of RE using Chris Redfield. You can find my full review (along with other reviews, previews and articles) at Only Single Player –

Chris finds some scattered pieces of piano music for Moonlight Sonata throughout the mansion. Rebecca decides to practice the tune while Chris explores further.

Eventually she has the tune down when Chris returns after finding notes of a scientist and learning more about what exactly happened here. It leads to a secret door and a new item. Which helps to uncover another key.

Before checking out the new area’s Chris decides to take the killer snake that attacked Richard head on… he defeats it, but is poisoned in the process… sending Rebecca running for the serum. She arrives just in time.

This playthrough continues with Resident Evil HD REMASTER Chris Walkthrough – Masks – Supplies!



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