Rise of the Dragon – Intro – MT 32 Talkie – 1990 (Dynamix/Game Arts)

Cleaning out some old folders on my drive and I found this unposted/unedited video. It’s from awhile back, but to the best of my memory it used a custom patch in order to enable both MT-32 and voice acting at the same time. However in live playback there is noticeable pausing between each line of dialogue, probably due to the way it was patched in. I quickly edited/smoothed out the transition between the lines for this video.

Rise of the Dragon is a classic adventure from developer Dynamix released in 1990/1 for DOS and Amiga. The SEGA CD version, later released in 1992/93 featured voice acting and some new censorship, as well as a limited color palette and music. Most people prefer the original Amiga/DOS versions.

The game takes place in a gritty, futuristic world where the protagonist is a private detective.

Rise of the Dragon is a graphic adventure game released in 1990 for DOS and Macintosh, and later remade for the Sega CD (1993) as well as the Amiga. It was one of the few adventure game titles developed by Dynamix, a company that was better known as an action and flight simulator game developer. The game is set in a dark future cyberpunk version of Los Angeles.

In 2053, William ‘Blade’ Hunter is a former Los Angeles Police Department officer turned private detective. When the mayor’s rebellious daughter Chandra is found dead and horribly mutated after experimenting with a new designer drug called MTZ, Blade is called upon to track down those responsible.

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