Evil Dead: Hail to the King – Intro and Tiles – Upscaled (Dreamcast & PC, 2000)

Evil Dead Haill to the King Title Screen

Rights belong to THQ and Heavy Iron Studios

This one took quite a bit of work. The PC version of Hail to the King is quite buggy and upscaling wasn’t satisfactory. However the disc does have all the videos and music in open directories. The in-game footage of the Dreamcast version played through emulation at 4x internal scaling looks fantastic though and the console version have some Bruce Campbell voice over in the titles. So I did a bunch of work and combined elements of the two for this intro.

Bik losslessly converted for editing. 15 fps to 60 fps with different AI profiles for each segment of the video. Results are good but mixed. In-game footage captured from game disc through Demul at 4x scalling with scanlines 60fps 1080p. Game menu footage also from Demul featuring Bruce Campbell one-liners. Everything spliced together in post through DaVinci and rendered at 1440×1080 60fps 100k

A little about the game: It’s not very good, featuring tank controls in the style of old-school Resident Evil. But it does have fantastic music and good voice acting.

Wiki Info:
Evil Dead: Hail to the King is a survival horror video game developed by Heavy Iron Studios and published by THQ. Released for the PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Microsoft Windows, the game acts as a sequel to the 1992 film Army of Darkness. This was the second video game released to be based on the Evil Dead film franchise, following the 1984 title The Evil Dead, and was also the first video game to be developed by Heavy Iron Studios.

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