Samurai Western (PS2) – Intro & Title – Enhanced

Samurai Western is just what it sounds like a Samurai in Western setting action game for the PS2 system. Here is the very smooth intro sequence upconverted from a component capture via the extremecap u3.

Info from Wikipedia: “Samurai Western is a PlayStation 2 video game released in 2005. The player assumes the role of a samurai named Gojiro Kiryu, who travels to the Wild West in search of his brother, Rando. Samurai Western does away with the adventure elements present in the main Way of the Samurai games, and instead is comprised purely of action. The game is divided into stages, with the goal of each being to defeat the dozens of enemies that appear within. The game can be played alone, or simultaneously with a second player. The game has multiple difficulty levels, ranging from Normal to Insane.”


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