Shannara – History Remastered – 1995 (Legend Entertainment) Sword of Shannara Abridged History.

Included as a menu option on the 1995 adventure game Shannara from Legend Entertainment is a History Button. This provides a heavily abridged version of Shea Ohmsford’s story (the father of the game’s main protagonist Jak *in this version of the universe*) and the basics of The Sword of Shannara.

It provides an overview of the lands of Shannara and how Shea first found the fabled sword and defeated the evil. Again, not exact cannon, but familiar to book readers.

This was a ridiculously long process for a video that most won’t find or watch… but I did it anyway, perhaps because I was unhappy with the ability to upscale the actual game’s intro, which has some issues on the quality front. I mean, it was 1995 after all.

All footage was captured at a base 1920×1080 with aspect ratio upscaling in Dosbox-X. Stills were captured, AI upscaled to 4k,and then tweaked and fixed by hand in post for the non-moving segments of the video, with rendered zooms to try and match the original. The flyovers were separated put in their own lossless videos and the process using AI Video upscaling to produce an acceptable result. Audio was separated out and then run through a program called Spleeter to separate dialogue and music so that it was easier to do some light audio cleanup. Everything was reassembled to match in Davinci to match the original footage length and layout. The final result was rendered out in x265 at a high bitrate to hopefully produce a good final Youtube result.

Enjoy. Or don’t. Now I have to go figure out why I spent four hours on this. Sweet baby jesus, help me.



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