White Rob Zombie vs The Evil Dead Army of Darkness – Halloween Mix WIP 2021

I’m rusty and this took way too long. Your appreciation may vary. Unlisted. Base track is lossless Super-Charger Heaven (Adults Only mix) off the album Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds. Army of Darkness sounds clipped from 5.1 mix of film in WAV, edited, cleaned and faded where needed.

Software used Davinci Resolve, Spleeter, Audition.

Long Story Short– made a Halloween party mix with custom SFX in 1999, got bored in 2021 and started to recreate/expand it in 2021. Got 1/20th of the way finished, resulting in a single AOD SFX Rob Zombie remix track.

Short Story Long– In 1997-99, I was a pseudo DJ. Which in reality meant I had a large CD collection, knowledge of obtaining music on the internet and passable editing skills. I made some various compilation and party mixes that circulated through local college campuses, including a Weezer compilation after they broke up that funnily enough ended up being extremely similar to the Blue and Pinkerton deluxe versions… but I digress.

I made a Halloween mix for a party near U of O in ’99. It had multiple dancy mixes. Other peoples remixes, my editing with SFX, lines from movies, cross-fades, and beat matching. One track was a Rob Zombie Halloween Party mix that blended three Rob Zombie remixes together with various sound effects from horror movies.

Cut to 2021 and boredom leads to “remastering.” The grand plan was a whole concept album/track — The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness saga in story form backed by White Zombie/Rob Zombie remixes. Life made it so that instead I only got 1/3 of the original mix started/remastered with with a lossless source (My CD), and “lossless” 5.1 sound effects from Army of Darkness (My Bluray). Maybe I’ll do the whole concept next year.

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