Should Final Fantasy Return to its Roots?

Return Of The Pixel: The Call For An Old-Fashioned Final Fantasy

Game Informer writer Tim Turi writes an ode to the classic Final Fantasy games and a call to return to the series roots. It’s a great, albeit slightly lengthy read. Personally this hits along Final Fantasy Seriesmy sentiments of the series. The last Final Fantasy I enjoyed playing was FF IX. I slogged through X and hated it, I found the voice acting awful and the story uninteresting.  I played halfway through Final Fantasy XII before giving up. I was bored and felt that the game tried to be too much like a single player MMO.  I am of the minority that, although I appreciate the game, find Final Fantasy VII to be greatly overrated.  For me it probably go in an order like this (I reserve to the right to change at any time)  6, 4, 9, 8, 5, 7, 1, …….. Mystic Quest. Although I don’t hate Mystic Quest like most people do.  Check out the whole article from the above link, it’s a good read.

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