South Park The Stick Of Truth – Intro

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South Park The Stick of Truth is developed by Obsidian Entertainment and South Park Digital Studios. Published by Ubisoft.

South Park Stick of Truth is the long-awaited South Park RPG, designed with Trey Parker and Matt Stone to look almost exactly like an episode from the show. This is the introduction sequence in all it’s South Park-y glory.

Trying something new with this intro. South Park: The Stick of Truth intro is required with Nvidia latest Shadowplay (available on GPUs 600 and higher) It was set to custom quality, 60fps with a max bitrate of 50mbps. Shadowplay encodes to mp4 via on-board H264 on the fly, eliminating the need to render in post. The outcome of the footage of this intro and the following tutorial segment range from 12-17mbps, probably due to the simple design and color palette of the South Park experience.

Shadowplay has shown to use variable rates in the past, making them difficult to keep in sync. Editing also essentially requires re-rendering resulting in some quality loss (which may not be bad if it’s near the 50mbps limit, but will take extra time thus negating the speed of using software). I will try this with other intros in the future, maybe doing comparisons to see if the quality can stay ahead of the time it takes to edit HQ videos and if there are sync issues.

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