Thief – Part 12 – Silent Sideshow

Thief 2014

All rights Eidos Montreal and Square Enix.

Thief Walkthrough – Part 12 – Silent Sideshow 1080p

Before returning to Northcrest’s Manor, master thief Garrett decides to tie up a few looses ends for Ector and Vittori. Ector needs the final piece for his mechanical man, the voice box, however he hired some low-end thieves to do the job and they are now in custody. Vittori is looking for a member of his troop, one very dear to him. She… is imprisoned by the nearby City Watch post. Trouble is that the revolutionaries have it made it all too easy for the gangs of the city, and the post has been overrun. Garrett has some work ahead of him.

Mission covered in this Thief Walkthrough (All prior to main mission Chapter 6 – A Man Apart): Silence is Golden and Sideshow Attraction

Notable Loot in this Video:
Living a Lie – Montessori Painting
Observant Lady – Whiteridge’s Duty
The Grace of Insecurity – Montessori Painting
The Voice Box – Client Loot
Archibald Northcrest’s Obelisk – City Plaque
Watch Station – City Plaque
Porcelain Lady – Whiteridge’s Duty

Covers Thief 2014 – two side jobs prior to Chapter 6 – A Man Apart

Thief Walkthrough Part 12 – Silent Sideshow recorded in 1080p. 10Mbps variable Single Pass with 128kbps stereo audio at 44 khz.

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