Syberia (Microids – 2002) – Intro (DgVoodoo 1440×1080)

syberia screenshot

A much better version of the short Syberia intro thanks to a little help from DgVoodoo which helps transition DX2-7 into DX8/9. The additional bonus to other titles is that once switched over to 7/9 you can then often get SweetFX/ReShade working on some very old titles.

A little bit more on Syberia from Wikipedia: Syberia is an adventure game developed and published by Microïds. It follows Kate Walker, the protagonist, as she attempts to wrap up a sale on behalf of her law firm and travels across Europe and Russia. In addition to the main plot, the game contains a subplot conducted via calls received on Kate’s cell phone. It involves Kate’s deteriorating relationship with her fiancé.

Syberia was acclaimed by critics for its graphic design and intelligent script. The game contains elements of art nouveau and steampunk fiction. Most devices and tools within the game’s world (including a train) are powered by springs and wind-up gears.



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