Fiz – A Brewery Management Sim Hits Kickstarter

I have backed eight Kickstarter project with seven successful fundings. My game purchase habits range from retro to brand-new and from AAA to indie. I studied game art and design in college and have a fair number of friends and acquaintances working in the industry mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Today I

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Lone Survivor – 40 Minutes of Survival 720p

Lone Survivor – 40 Minutes of Survival 720p Lone Survivor is a unique horror-survival game presented in an 8-bit graphical style with emphasize on sound design and a strange story of a confused protagonist who may just be losing his mind. This is my beginning playthrough. You jump right into

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Unstoppable Gorg Gameplay 720p HD

Unstoppable Gorg Gameplay Unstoppable Gorg is an indie tower defense game. What differentiates it from the standard formula is its pulp sci-fi setting. It has excellent music and a cool art style. It’s not a huge departure or upgrade to the tower defense gamestyle, however it has proved to be

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Video – TRAUMA Intro Sequence

TRAUMA Intro Sequence This is the brief intro sequence for the indie game Trauma. “Trauma (styled as TRAUMA) is a graphical adventure interactive fiction game developed by German programmer Krystian Majewski as part of a thesis project, and released in August 2011. The game is based on a woman that

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Youtube Video

Video – Limbo – 30 Minutes – Many Deaths

Limbo – 30 Minutes – Many Deaths.mp4 A little over 30 minutes of the excellent indie title Limbo. Plenty of deaths in various ways, the majority of them on purpose. This game is so clever in its execution and executions.  The simple black and white graphical style really serves to

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