Video – Tex Murphy Under a Killing Moon Walkthrough – Day 2 – Goose Eggs and Hamm

Tex awakens the next day feeling quite confident after obtaining the stolen bracelet for Rook. He sets out to find a new fax machine so he can take on new clients. Luckily his Under a Killing Moon Videoshandy Electronics Store credit card arrives in the mail and he quickly heads to Hamm Underwoods next door.

No sooner is the machine installed when Tex receives a fax from one Countess Renier. Tex travels to the countesses mansion and take a case involving a stolen crystal statuette. Tex’s finders fee is $30,000. Thanks to some information from the police and Chelsee, Tex tracks down notorious “antiquities dealer” Franco Franco and arrranges and exchange for information.

Franco points towards notorious gangster Eddie Ching. Tex must find away into Ching’s apartment building and track down the location of the statuette…

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