The Longest Road on Earth – Intro (2021 – PC)

The Longest Road on Earth is a stylish black and white/monochromatic narrative-focused gaming experience from Developers Brainwash Gang and TLR Games, published by Raw Fury. Released in May 2021, the game features ever-present music and vocals from artist Beícoli. Best described as character-focused and firmly within the experimental art segment of the gaming world, TLRE centers on four stories without dialogue and open to audience interpretation. The story slowly unfolds for each character back by a haunting and emotional soundtrack.

A blurb from Steam: “A thoughtful and deeply personal title with stripped-down mechanics. The lack of dialogue or text allows you to create your own narrative through your time with four characters. Each short story will allow players to be swept away by the haunting lyrics of over twenty original, nostalgic songs..”



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