The Walking Dead Season 2 – Episode 5 – No Going Back Alternate Ending

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As I mentioned in my main video this is the first time in the series that I have used to the rewind feature to change the outcome of the game. I think no matter how the story progresses on in Season 3, this will be the save file I use going forward. And now an explanation of why.

In general when I play this game or a game like this, I stick with my choices, choices that are made based on how I would feel or personally react. This entire episode and to a lesser degree the episodes prior, I felt completely pushed into the direction that Kenny was a monster and had to be killed, though I didn’t really agree with line of thinking. I suppose that’s why even though Kenny died in that first ending, I chose to go it alone with the child, a less than 20% shared outcome. She manipulated the situation into an unnecessary showdown. and death. While this may be a “real-life” type of situation and reaction, the forced manipulation and my loyalty to Kenny,or moreover his fierce loyalty to Clem lead me towards trying for a different outcome.

And boy, was I rewarded. This ending with Kenny had much more emotional resonance, coming close to, but not quite matching that of the season one finale. I should also point out that this ending again, had a low percentage of commonality with other players. Probably because I decided to stay with Kenny, foregoing the comfort and safety of a walled city for the loyalty of a friend.

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