The Walking Dead Survival Instinct – Intro & Tutorial

Activision in partnership with AMC Studios brings you the rushed gaming cash-in of the hit show The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead Survival Instincts follow the story of Daryl and Merle Dixon prior to the events of the AMC show.

As the game opens ‘Dixon’ follows a blood trail towards his prey, a buck. As Dixon gets a shot off he hears screams back down the creek bed and runs to the aid of his hunting partner. He’s being attacked by some sort of deranged person. Dixon uses all 8 of his shot to take down the assailants, but there are just too many.

Enter Daryl, Dixon’s son and a friend. They have to put the man out of his misery and cue the title sequence. We then go through a brief tutorial sequence of the gameplay. This one isn’t looking to good, not sure if I will do more videos.

The Walking Dead Survival Instincts – Intro & Tutorial


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