Tomb Raider PC 2013 – Part 11 – Coastal Storm Getaway

After the loss of Roth, the others move on, while Lara stops to rest. Now they have become separated again as Matthias’ Solari fill the forest. Lara takes out part of the group silently and slips into a side passage leading to the tomb “Stormguard Sanctum”.

After re-emerging she is eventually spotted and takes out the rest of the baddies in a firefight. After dipping through another cave Lara finds herself in Shantytown again, but at a much higher altitude.

After riding down a gondola, a near-fatal firefight and a escape down multiple ziplines, Lara find herself head down to the coastline and a reunion with her crewmates.

Tomb Raider PC 2013 – Part 11 – Coastal Storm Getaway


Author: James Schumacher

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