The Wheel of Time – Intro & Titles Remastered -1999 Legend Entertainment, GT Interactive- AI Upscale

OK, this one is a recreation using a still of the logo and using some AI upscaling on the source videos, which are old sqv1 Sorensen Quicktime loose files on the game’s second disc. I used handbrake to expand from 10 fps to 30 and then used AI upscaling to reach 1440×1080. Logo upscaled from wiki image and cleaned/sharpened in Photoshop. These upscaled fairly well. Game also look fairly good with neural texture upgrade and reshade. I may upload some footage.

Wheel of Time came to us in 1999 from Developers Legend Entertainment, known for their adventure games. It used an early Unreal Engine build. It is at once familiar to book readers but different, obviously taking place lprior to the book settings and mentioning familiar characters, but firmly laying outside of the series cannon, taking place in an alternate reality reachable by portal stone.

Wiki Info: The game is based on the Unreal Engine, combining elements of first-person shooter games like Unreal with strategy/role-playing game elements. It can be played either in single-player or multiplayer modes, which determines the course of the game. The single-player gameplay variant is linear and centered on a fictional character named Elayna Sedai, the Keeper of the Chronicles of the White Tower.

PLOT: The game’s setting in respect to the novels is ambiguous. Elayna Sedai, the protagonist and the player’s alter ego, is reading a report from an expedition she sent out, when she is attacked by an unknown assassin in her office in the White Tower. She is knocked out, and he makes off with an odd, horn-shaped ter’angreal but not the cuendillar seals he was looking for. The Amyrlin subsequently sends Elayna to recover the ter’angreal.


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