Thief – Part 15 – Hidden City

Thief 2014

All rights Eidos Montreal and Square Enix.

Thief Walkthrough – Part 15 – Hidden City 1080p

The trail of Orion leads deep beneath city, which has been built upon, layer after layer for many centuries. Not only does Garrett have to deal with Orion’s revolutionaries, but also more of the beings transformed by the power of the Primal hidden within Erin. He will soon confront Orion, but not before a final meeting with the Thieftaker General.

Mission covered:
Chapter 7 – Hidden City

Notable Loot in this Video:
City Artifact – Unique Loot
Bronzehead Bracelet – Mortal Coils
Amber Circle – Serendi Stones
Mourning Bell – Pinned Castanets

Covers Thief 2014 Prior to the Start of Chapter 7 Hidden City

Thief Walkthrough Part 15 Hidden City recorded in 1080p. 10Mbps variable Single Pass with 128kbps stereo audio at 44 khz.

Thief Walkthrough  continues with part 16 – Dawn’s Light – The End.

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