Tomb Raider PC 2013 – Part 10 – Burning Down the House

Lara continues her quest to find same through the burning buildings that are home to Matthias and the Solari. The corridors of the buildings are filled with hostiles though some are running from the flames. Lara manages to rescue Sam when Matthias leaves her with a pair of guards. She quickly collects her weapons, but is separated from Sam when a corridor collapse.

Lara has to use all of her newly gained skill in battle, with help from a discovered grenade launcher to make her way out of a throne-room onslaught and towards the rescue helicopter.

Once inside Lara pleads with the pilot to land before the storms can overtake them, but alas, it is too late. Roth must attempt to protect a fallen Lara from Matthias and his henchmen…

Tomb Raider PC 2013 – Part 10 – Burning Down the House


Author: James Schumacher

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