Tomb Raider PC 2013 – Part 6 – The Fall & Pain

Lara makes her way back the beginning, the original Yamati village where she discovered Roth, now the site of the plane crash. She takes a brief tour into the Tomb of the Unworthy and gathers the treasure therein. As she makes her way away from the wreckage she
encounters enemies in her way and she quickly dispatches them.

Coming to waterfall, Lara attempts to cross only to be swept downstream landing in the old wreckage of a planes cockpit. The pressure is not something the old plane can take as the glass beneath her begins to crack. She grabs an old parachute and is soon free-falling bumping into trees and bruising her ribs on her fall towards the ground.

She struggles forward looking for painkillers in old chopper, instead finding a lighter and learning to create makeshift fire arrows.

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