Top Gun NES 1987 – Titles – 8 bit Top Gun Anthem – Retron 5 Enhanced

If you were a child of the 80s and/or 90s and you had consoles or played computer games, chances are that you had more than a few movie cash-in game. They often had little to do with the game or the plot and many times would have none of the music and few of the characters. Top Gun squarely focused on aerial combat, which, compared to landing, was the easy part of the game!

Top Gun 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment Sydstem prominently features the classic track from the film, the Top Gun Anthem. Which is really a great excuse to post this video of the games title screen, featuring the tune immortalized in 8-bit glory.

More from Wiki:
The popularity of the 1986 film Top Gun resulted in several licensed video games that have been released since the film’s theatrical debut. Top Gun was released in 1987 for the IBM Personal Computer (PC), Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (with an equivalent version for Nintendo Vs. System arcade cabinets). The Commodore and Spectrum versions were developed by Ocean Software while Thunder Mountain handled the PC version of the game. Konami developed the Nintendo versions. The NES version was released on November 1987 in North America, December 11, 1987 in Japan and on November 30, 1988 in Europe and Australia. According to Game Over by David Sheff, the NES version sold over 2 million copies.

The Process:
Captured via Retron5 — Extremecap U3 at 720p — Mirillis Action! — Fullscreen Capture at 1080p 60fps Lossless Compression —- Adobe Premiere CS6 —-Rendered via H.264 1080p 60fps 30mbps with 48khz 320kbps Audio —- Youtube

Retron 5 settings include HQ2x filter, Scanlines, maintain aspect ratio, all sound enhancements turned on.


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