I’ve been very busy with work, multiple weddings (not my own of course) and as such have left the site, as well as Facebook, Tumblr, even Google+ mostly dormant.  Things should be getting back into a flow very soon.  I have another wedding to attend (third in ten days) and a busy work week to finish, but things should settle down after that.

When I find myself short on time I often save tons of “draft” posts in various states of finish.  Some as simple as a topic and text that says “WRITE ME!” and some that are almost completely finished save for links and images and spell-checking (much needed at times).  So, there are a lot of topics to possible cover in the near future.

Upcoming Posts

Some Topics that will get covered somewhere between now (mid-July) to mid-August:

  • O Brother Where Art Thou Blu-ray and Deluxe Soundtrack Preview
  • Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Preview
  • Alan Wake Discussion / Review
  • Unknown Bluray Review (Liam Neeson)
  • Where The Sidewalk Ends (for L.A. Noire Film Review Project)

Future Posts

These posts are probably a little further down the road.

  • Dance with Dragons Review / Discussion
  • Game of Thrones Season 1 Look-back / 2 Preview
  • More Film Noir for the L.A. Noire Project
  • More Collector’s Edition Game Previews

On the Backburner

These topics are in “draft” status or “on the list” but may never get done for one reason or another:

  • Assassins Creed Revelations Animus Edition Preview
  • “Trouble on the Homefront” – Homefront Game Review
  • “We Grew Up, He Didn’t” – What went wrong with Duke Nukem Forever
  • HD Game Remakes – The New Double Dipping
  • Paris (Film) Blu-ray Review
  • Frauds Film Review (Phil Collins & Hugo Weaving)
  • Heat Blu-Ray Review
  • Who Killed Caravaggio? Review – Discussion
  • Ashes to Ashes / Life on Mars Review – Discussion
  • “In Defense of Phil Collins” – Going Back

See anything that might not get covered, but you’re interested in reading about, discussion, or providing info on? Send me a comment or email.
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