Vampyr – Intro & Titles

Hey, it’s been awhile. Time, money, and all that… ya know? Anyway. Here’s is the latest from DONTNOD’s diverse lineup of titles. This one is Vampyr which has a feel to it that reminds me of some classic 3rd person action. I can’t help but think of Vampire Bloodlines. They included some of their story-altering choices which you’re forced to live with as saves are on the check-point system. The seems to be very well optimized, running at full settings with 1080p 60 on my now again 780ti 2600k combo.

Like my channel? Some of you seem to. If you want more titles added to the Game Intro collection, more silent playthroughs, or more co-op with commentary, all you can do is like, share, subscribe, and spread the word. Thanks for stopping by. I may add a Reshade version of this intro soon, as it runs so well.

Vampyr intro sequence and titles recorded with Shadowplay 1080p 60fps 50MBs and directly uploaded.

Vampyr is copyright DONTNOD 2018.


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