Video – The Walking Dead Episode 2 Walkthrough – Part 3 – Food Gone Bad

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The Walking Dead Episode 2 Walkthrough – Part 3 – Food Gone Bad

Lee and Andy look for the bandit camp, but instead come upon a small campsite. A woman appears pointing a crossbow at them. She is talking crazy, something about a deal that the St Johns have made and the bandits. Before she can say anymore, Danny shoots her in cold blood.

Back at the farm both Lilly and Kenny have concerns about the farm. Kenny points out that the back door of the barn has bolted lock on it. They make plans to distract Andy so that Lee can get inside. Lee grabs a multitool from the nearby tool box and pull the belt on the generator. When Andy goes to fix it Lee unscrews the lock and finds a room full of blood and saws. Andy explains that this is the slaughter area of the farm and convinces Lee to head to dinner.

At dinner Mark is still missing. Lee heads into the hallway to “use the bathroom” and begins to investigate. There may be something rotten at the St. John Dairy Farm and it’s definitely not the milk.

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