Walking Dead Episode 3 – The Long Road – Pt. 1 – Motel Mystery 720p

Walking Dead Episode 3 – The Long Road – Pt. 1 – Motel Mystery

I had the much-discussed Save Game issue. So I had to replay everything, and there were differences in the playthrough, the most major being to elect to not participate in taking the food at the end of episode 2. Other than that it was a close as I could remember.

Episode 3 begins with Kenny and Lee heading back to the Pharmacy for a supply run. Back at the motel Lilly seems to be coming unglued. She lets the group know that someone has been stealing supplies. Carley tells Lee to reveal his secret and he does. He also investigates the stolen supplies for Lilly.

Turns out Lilly was right, someone has been stealing supplies and apparently they were for the bandits as the storm the motel when they find their latest stash missing. A shootout ensues.

This is Part 1 of The Walking Dead Episode 3 – The Long Road


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