Watch Dogs Glitch – AI Infinite Loop Driving

So this was the first glitch that wasn’t annoying, or that caused a reload or a failed mission. This AI driver was driving in a circle for a few minutes before I decided to turn on my capture software. This is roughly 5 minutes condensed down to 2 1/2. Every time I though he was about to stop and break out of the loop he kept going, including after crashing head-on into another car. At one point I walked away to deal with a nearby hack and then came back and he was still going (this is where I get closer to him). It also continued after the capture was turned off. Weird infinite loop.

I really want to like this game, and there are definitely some great ideas. When I don’t capture I get a mostly good framerate, but for some reason it’s not running well on my 780ti consistently.

Watch Dogs Glitch.


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