Watch Dogs Glitch – Return of the Infinite Loop Driver (Yakety Sax)

So this is the fourth time in game that I have watched an AI driver start randomly driving in circles. I previously posted a video of it yesterday. Today while playing, I watched another AI driver, on the freeway no less, suddenly hang a u-turn. I though that they had been spooked and were driving away… nope the Infinite Driving Loop had struck again. This happened for more than 10 minutes this time. My hope was to catch the vehicle exploding after it did enough damage to itself. Unfortunately she pinned herself against the barrier and decided that she no longer wanted to attempt to reverse. I tried to use my motorcycle to dislodge her from the wall, but that was the final damage toll that set the vehicle on fire. This game is certainly glitchey, but this is one of my favorites to watch so far, it’s strangely fascinating.

Also, everything is better with Yakety Sax… until it gets flagged.


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