Way of the Samurai 4 PC – Intro & Titles Extended (1440p)

The first game in the Way of the Samurai series to make its way to the PC is number 4 and it hits next week on 7/23/15. I will be reviewing the title for Only Single Player, so stay tuned for that at http://www.onlysp.com

I am playing the game here using nVIDIA tech to run at 1440p, 2560×1440 on my 1080p monitor. The game actually runs well at 4k in this scenario as well, I just didn’t want to extend my video render times. There isn’t much in the way of video settings for the game, so I enhanced anti-aliasing and such through the nVIDIA control panel. The game still looks dated, but the higher res and tweaks, give it a clean and crisp look.

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