Wolfenstein The New Order – Chapter 15 – Under Attack

Prepare for the feels…

Klaus and BJ rush to the hideout. Frau Engel and her forces have set fire to the place and killed several of the survivors. Others are missing. As they crash towards the entrance Klaus is shot but Max shows up and destroys the remain guards nearby. After a short shootout he lets BJ in, but then closes the door behind him, facing more enemy troops…

Inside, things are worse. Fire rages throughout. Some are dead by Nazi hands, others by their own. The entrance to the hangar where Fergus is cornered is blocked, so BJ heads to the top of the compound to drop down through the ventilation system. Along the way he pass Tekla’s room and shares a moment with her.

Eventually he makes it to the hanger. Becker destroys two robots and leaves to secure the final chopper. BJ destroys the mechdog that has Fergus cornered and they begin their retreat.


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