Wolfenstein The New Order – Chapter 16 – Return to Deathshead’s Compound – The End

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Get ready for more feels.

The dying Klaus imparts his final words to Max.

A dreaming BJ envision a life he hopes for but doesn’t expect to achieve.

They begin on the U-Boat read to launch the Da’at weapon at Deathshead’s compounds. This is beginning of their assault and their liberation of Anya and the other captives. After their release they resurface the u-boat and launch the atomic payload, leveling Deathshead and his compound.

BJ battles towards the detention levels and finds the prisoners already in the process of escape. From there all they have to do is get to the transports together.

But best laid plans are not something that always come to be in the reality of war. And soon BJ is alone and face to face with Deathshead himself…

This was a really good game. Amazing even. Excellent sound design, music, voice acting. A good story with fleshed-out characters and an excellent visual style and design. MachineGames did great work here. They took a somewhat generic action hero and turned him into a real character, creating an overall awesome experience that was genuinely emotional. Highly recommended. http://ift.tt/S1mS28


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