Wolfenstein The New Order – Chapter 2 – Asylum

Leaping through the window from Deathshand’s compound with Ferguson BJ takes a large piece of shrapnel to the back and side of his head, rendering him unconscious as he plunges into the waters below. He floats, barely alive and is discovered.

Having lost his mental capacity and the ability to speak and react, he is committed to an asylum run by a kindly Polish doctor and his family. His daughter, the nurse Anya, is able to revive Blazkowicz to a degree. He watches, trapped in his own mind as Nazi repeatedly come and take away asylum residents for their disgusting experiments.

One day the Nazis show up again to shut down the facility. In the ensuing scuffle the doctor and his wife are murdered, and Anya is taken. This triggers some fighting instinct in BJ and now the fight is on again. http://ift.tt/1lMICaU


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