XCOM – Chimera Squad – Intro & Tutorial Mission


The latest entry in the XCOM series is Chimera Squad, a surprise spin-off title focused on premade characters in a post XCOM 2 storyline, where the humans, aliens, and hybrids attempt to co-exists. The game shows off a new twist on the turn-based mechanics of the series, as well as new gameplay driven by the breach mechanics that begin each “encounter” phase of individual missions. The title launched at $9, but will shortly be listed at a full $20 price. The game has roughly 20 hours or some of campaign playability based on difficulty level, player skill, and mod usage.

Why no Ironman here? There are still bugs to be “ironed” out and ironman takes away the ability to recover from some of the bugs and glitches present. Veteran XCOM players may also want to make use of the devmode console as some of the previously used commands for moving pawns and end turns still work.

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