Assassin’s Creed Unity – Part 1 – Prologue (Intro) 1080p 60fps

The introduction to Assassin's Creed Unity tells the tale of Knights of the Templar betrayed by their French king and overrun by Templars. But soon our journey back in time is interrupted by mysterious figures warning of the company Helix/Abstergo and there nefarious motives. Assassins Creed Unity - Part 1 - Prologue (Intro) - Brotherhood Betrayed - Helix Cooperation and … Continue Reading ››

Light Field Photography – Test – Oregon Coast will take your photographs and depth maps (or hand-painted ones using their interface) to create Light field photography images. Light field creates depth in a photo to give a sort of 3-dimensional field. I found this from a friend on Facebook and tested my first image today. Really strange, Firefox is offering the 720p version, while Chrome is stopping … Continue Reading ››