Outlast Walkthrough – Part 4 – Doctor

Outlast was developed by Red Barrels. After making our way through the medical ward we meet the infamous "Doctor" Traeger. We see some of the doctor's experiments as we are wheeled into a back room, ready to receive some medical procedures of our own. Afterwards, bleeding and dazed we attempt to find the elevator key that will get us back down … Continue Reading ››
Outlast Title Banner

Outlast Walkthrough – Part 2 – Ward

"Outlast is a survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels." The security gate was a bust. Just as we readied to make our escape after returning power to the security room, the "priest" gets ahold of us and drugs us. We awake, a prisoner in the wards, and we are not alone. Aside from the regular inhabitants of this psychiatric … Continue Reading ››

Killzone Shadow Fall Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – The Father (Intro)

Killzone Shadow Fall - Chapter 1 - The Father follows a young boy seeking to escape the dual Human-Helgan city of Vekta as the Helghast force a human evacuation. Though promised safe passage the Helghan are destroying belongings and killing individuals. The father and son seek to escape through the wreckage of the war-torn city, eventually meeting with a Shadow Marshal, a … Continue Reading ››