Aliens vs Predator – Intros – Marine, Predator, and Alien (2010, Rebellion, SEGA) Reshade Enhanced

2010’s Aliens vs Predator was developed by Rebellion, now perhaps best known for the Sniper Elite and Zombie Army spinoff series, and published by SEGA. The game featured three single player campaigns for Marines, Predator, and Aliens, along with a well-liked multiplayer component. The game has great sound design and atmosphere, and the graphics, especially with a little touch of reshade hold up pretty well at just over a decade old as of this upload. The game on the whole is a mixed bag experience and reviews reflect this. The melee combat is kind of clunk as are some of the story and mechanics choices.

This was the follow-up to the AvP 2 but is basically a reboot of the series, featuring a mix of story bits, characters, and the titular creatures from the breadth of the series. It released on the Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms in February of 2010.

Wiki Info: There are three campaigns in the game, one for each race/faction (the Colonial Marines, the Aliens, and the Predators), that, while separate in terms of individual plot and gameplay, form one overarching storyline. Following the storyline of the campaign modes comes the multiplayer aspect of the game. In this Multiplayer section of the game, players face off in various game types in various ways.

This was Mark Rutherford’s first video game score. It was 70 minutes of live orchestral score recorded in Slovakia with the Istropolis Philharmonic Orchestra. To create a unique and original sound for the Alien and the Predator he made his own percussion kits constructed from bits of metal and various tools which were then scraped and hit with nails, sticks, brushes, and mallets



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