Discworld – Intro HQ 1995 – Enhanced Music (Psygnosis, Perfect 10, Teeny Weeny) – ScummVM 2.5

Discworld is a classic adventure game set in the universe of the same Title by author Terrt Pratchett. It features some notable names as far as voice acting, with Eric Idle of Monty Python fame voicing the protagonist wizard Rincewind and several suporting voices by actor/comedia/impressionist Rob Brydon.

The game here is presented through ScummVM official build 2.5.0 using the CDROM version of the game and featuring the enhanced MIDI recordings of James Woodcock found here: https://ift.tt/3mGj1ZP Screen captured at 1920×1080 60fps, with ScummVM in Aspect Ratio Correction mode stretch to fit and HQ 3x (I think).

Additionally I have used some simple reshade for 5xbrz and light scanlines, along with slight curves adjustment to brighten the image back up after the scanlines. Filtering is always in the eye of the beholder, and while I thought simple 2x HQ scaling looked OK, at full 1080 fit it looked best to my this way. Your mileage may bary. This game also runs quite well in DOSBox and either that or Scumm can also emulate (or make use of hardware) MT-32 for this title as well.

Wiki Info:

A secret brotherhood summons a dragon from its native dimension, so as to cause destruction and mayhem across the city of Ankh-Morpork. Rumours of the dragon’s rampage across the city reaches Unseen University. Since the Archchancellor wishes the involvement of at least one wizard in the matter, Rincewind is summoned to handle the problem. After acquiring a book to learn what is needed to track the dragon to its lair, Rincewind searches the city for the various components needed to assemble a dragon detector and brings them back to the Archchancellor. After the Archchancellor lets slip that the dragon’s lair is stocked with gold, Rincewind snatches the dragon detector from him, searches the city, finds the lair, and takes all the gold within it. Just before he leaves, the dragon stops him and requests his aid in removing the brotherhood’s hold upon her, claiming they are using her for evil and are planning to make her go on a major rampage

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