Death from Darthsiders Totally Looks Like 80’s Cartoon Villain

Death from Darthsiders looks like 80’s Cartoon Villain #crosspost Darksiders II May Be Your Best Shot At a Skeletor Game I’m a big fan of and it’s funny comparisons of various celebrities, objects and landmarks. Kotaku came up with their own featuring the star of the Darksiders sequel, Death. The compare

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E3 Winners and Losers

Every year the question after E3 is who won?  Sometimes its clear-cut, other times things are simply divided by fanboy (and/or girl) lines.  “Insert Console Company” kick “Insert other Console Company’s ass this year.  Oh, and Nintendo is for kids! “Console Company” is for “insert favorite ethnic or homophobic slur”.

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Nintendo E3 2011 Breakdown – Wii U

Wii U Console Announced We’ll get to the software and such later.  What everyone wants to talk about and possibly at least part of what they were expecting came to pass during Nintendo’s morning press conference.  Nintendo announced their new controller… I mean new system.  The Wii U.  I joke

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