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Dark Souls Gameplay Pt 12 – Havel’s Ring (Darkroot Basin)

Exploring Darkroot Garden I discovered that I wasn’t quite ready for it, so after passing the Titanite Demon, I take the right path fork down to Darkroot Basin where the Hydra Boss dwells. Before the Crystal Golems and the Hydra there is the base of a tower, which I happen to have the key to.

In this tower is Havel. I know this because, as a Thief character the master key allows you to open a door and travel to the base of a tower, underneath the Taurus Demon area near the beginning of the game. I did this early and then frantically ran away from this metal-armored monster with a giant club. Havel is a tough fight, because his defense is high, he moves fairly quickly and as you can see, he one-hit kills me when I think I am out of range.

Upon defeating Havel you require his ring which significantly boosts your allowable equipment load, meaning you can wear heavier armor or carry heavier weapons without penalty. A handy ring to help a thief stay light.

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